Google Penalizes Flash Sites

It is no surprise that yesterday Google announced on their Webmaster Blog that any website that was not mobile-friendly, displayed content, and buttons easy to click, and able to play video content correctly would be penalized in the Google rankings. For anyone paying attention over the past 2-years, this is no surprise. Google has placed […]


A Smart Business Adapts! A foolish business goes under clinging to tradition. After 21-years in this business, I have seen my share of great little companies, run by hard-working and honest businessmen and women eventually go out of business. Why did these companies bite the dust and close their doors? 1. They Refused To Adapt! […]

Digital Media Creates $4.5 Billion in 140-Days

A Compelling Review of Chipolte Mexican Recent Video release and Their Blow-Out 4th Quarter Profits! If you are still holding off on initiating an effective digital branding and grass-roots messaging effort, then perhaps this review will change your mind! Chipolte releases their Scarecrow Video and App on September 11, 2013 Views of the 3:23 video […]

4 Easy Ways to Promote Your Business Through Pinterest

If you think Pinterest is just a place for women to put up pictures of their crafts or recipes, you’re wrong. It also has wedding dresses. Actually, it has all these items plus thousands of other categories. If you’re unfamiliar with Pinterest, it has been compared to you and all your friends ripping photos out […]

Top 10 ways To Promote Your Business on Facebook

These days, no business can afford to go without a Facebook page. Still, simply setting up a page and attracting a few fans is far from enough. There are many incredible ways to promote a business on Facebook, and they tend to be ridiculously easy. There’s a reason that social media marketing is considered to […]