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A Compelling Review of Chipolte Mexican Recent Video release and Their Blow-Out 4th Quarter Profits!

If you are still holding off on initiating an effective digital branding and grass-roots messaging effort, then perhaps this review will change your mind!

Chipolte releases their Scarecrow Video and App on September 11, 2013

Views of the 3:23 video
Comments on the video from users
Users who liked the video
Users who shared the video with friends
Combined time viewing the branded message

Impressive Results for a Period Just Over 4 Months.

Now let’s take a look at Chipolte Corporate and see if there were any possible connections from the above brand expansion and viral results and Chipolte’s sales results. Here is the trading chart and operating results of the most recent 4th quarter.

For those unfamiliar with reading a technical trading chart, allow me to interpret the quarterly results:

Chipolte Mexican Grill Inc.
Trading Symbol CMG on the NYSE
Share price when video release
Share price as of 1/31/14 after Q-4 earnings
Dollar per share increase since 9/13
Percentage increase since 9/13 to investors
Increase in market cap during 4-month period

These are amazing results from anyone’s perspective, Social Guru or Investor alike!!

Stay tuned for the next wave of digital promotion from Chipolte as they have announced the Launch of “Farmed and Dangerous” on February 17th only on Hulu and Hulu plus. Looks like the organic/fresh message is no longer just a marketing tagline, they are preparing to take it to the industry that for years has sold products of questionable quality. (Per Chipolte)

Now there certainly were many factors contributing to the success of Chipolte in the latest quarter. Steve Ellis the founder and Chairman however did say in his discussion with analysts, that part of their financial success came in the form of reduced marketing expenses. Hmmm, could it be that free social marketing and digital content could have a place in profit creation? This writer would argue that the answer would be a big “YES”

Take away from this outline to the Smart Business Owner.

  1. Quality Web Design Is Vital To Your Online Success
  2. Knowing Who Your Clients Are Is Critically Important
  3. Digital Marketing Is Not Going Away, Whether Your Using It Or Not
  4. Great Content in Any Form Is Rewarded With Circulation
  5. Branding Your Name and Message Should Be Priority “1”

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