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Competitive intelligence and using this information to create new and effective online marketing strategies are critical for any business.

Do you know what your competition is doing online and when they are making aggressive moves?

Do you know what kind of money the competition is spending to gain market share from you?

Is your competition lowering their prices or adding new products or services to get an advantage on your business?

Don’t you think you should know this information?

Utah Website Design is able to provide each of our clients this kind of Intel on their industry competitors. No we are not “dumpster diving” their trash to gather the info. We have available to us unique and sophisticated tracking tools that allow us to monitor as many competing companies as you need us too.

We are able to provide you with a monthly report that showcases all of your keyword targets as well as those of your competitor. We then bundle all of this information into a convenient report that can be used as a strategic planning tool for executive decisions, new product launches and changes in structure or pricing that will steal market share from you.

Sample report featuring current ranking and movement of known competitors.