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Over $1-Trillion is the dollar amount expected to be transacted online in 2022 from eCommerce, How much of this is flowing through your shop? Is it any wonder why main street merchants are moving online as rapidly as possible? This unprecedented transition from traditional business to online is changing the way products, services, and business is conducted all over the world.

Don’t your customers deserve the opportunity to buy your unique products or amazing designs from the comfort of their own homes?

  • Our WooCommerce and Magento Developers are able to create amazing eCommerce websites from the ground up with the “User Experience” in mind. Your customers and prospects need to be able to browse, buy and try in just a few simple clicks of the mouse.
  • Any brick and mortar business that has not already created their own digital footprint is already behind the competitive curve. Not having your own eCommerce presence is like inviting a street vendor to set up right in front of your store and sell all of your products cheaper than you and taking your client’s money before they even step into your shop.
  • Whether you have tried to create an online store and failed, just starting to sell products online or a seasoned veteran, we have the eCommerce development teams to take your site from zero to hero fast.
  • Regardless of the budget, you have established, our Utah eCommerce development teams are experts in creating just the right site, on time and under budget. We have actually been able to create a new online store for a client in less than a week. Not the optimal setting to create an amazing Online Store but the client was great and we wanted to help.

Utah eCommerce Design Samples of our WordPress/WooCommerce sites

As premier Utah Magento and WooCommerce developers and designers, our process focuses on delivering the best user experience possible, with the end user in mind the business ROI and profit opportunities follow naturally. For 25 years we have been creating some of the best eCommerce sites for SMB’s in Salt Lake City, Utah and in other parts of the country covering a broad array of products and industries, we are also available and accustomed to managing the day-to-day operations for a select number of clients. Our portfolio page can find additional samples of our web design and development services.

What does the transition from Zero to Hero actually look like?



Critical Elements to Create A Successful Online Store in Salt Lake City, Utah or in any city in the world:

What is the goal for the user on each page?

Thought should be given to the objective on each and every page of your new Utah eCommerce site. If time is taken to actually think through how a user would interact with that page, the smart owner sees the page through the eyes of a new visitor that just may have been on Amazon.com before coming. Is the product description complete? Are the product images sharp and show various angles for the user to see what the product really is without any surprises? Is the price competitive and visible? Are there sizing dropdowns to select a specific size? All of these elements are important for any successful ecommerce store.

Make it easy to contact you

How many ways can the prospect or returning customer contact you? Email only is not advised. What is suggested is a local or toll free number, email form, live chat and simple click to open an email browser and engage your staff for questions or to share an experience. An FAQ available for the user to see some of the questions they may have answered. DON’T FORGET ABOUT PRODUCT REVIEWS WHICH NOW ARE VITAL FOR ANYONE MAKING A PRODUCT CHOICE AS THEY INTUITIVELY WANT TO KNOW WHAT OTHERS THINK!

Simple and worry-free check-out is critical

A simple rule to follow is to have the check-out process no more than 2-clicks away from any page on your site. Once a decision has been made to buy one of your products and that item added to the cart, the sale is only half way completed. The client still needs to go through the rest of the checkout without any questions or concerns arising. Anything out of place, or difficult to understand just could lose you that sale. There are millions of dollars in products left in abandoned shopping carts. Your techs should regularly test the check-out process to make sure all systems are going every day.

Make sure you have 100% up-time on your store

A website is only a helpful eCommerce tool if it is functioning correctly. Make sure that your hosting plan is reliable and that it has the ability to handle any future needs your website might have. Your hosting plan should grow as your business and orders grow, and if your plan is lagging behind and delaying your shipping or curtailing potential sales, you need to upgrade immediately. Being skimpy on a hosting plan that is not suitable to handle the number of orders coming in will negatively affect your reputation and lead to decreased sales figures.