Google Penalizes Flash Sites

It is no surprise that yesterday Google announced on their Webmaster Blog that any website that was not mobile-friendly, displayed content, and buttons easy to click, and able to play video content correctly would be penalized in the Google rankings. For anyone paying attention over the past 2-years, this is no surprise. Google has placed a heavier weight on the Google Algorithms on Usability and anything that did or did not enhance the user experience. With an increasing number of people accessing the web on their smartphones, this is now a critical marketing issue for any website owner.

  • If you have a flash website your toast and have been for a while. Any smartphone that does not support adobe flash cannot display your website properly, so therefore you are in line to take a hit if it hasn’t happened already
  • If video content is not displayed correctly on a website then you are in line to also take a hit
  • If your site is not using a “responsive design” so it displays on mobile correctly you are going to feel it as well in traffic and ranking.

Here is a link to the latest release from Google. Fortunately, most sites do not use flash but most are still using dated code that is not mobile-friendly and will get them a downgrade.

Just because a website shows up on a smartphone does not make it a responsive web design. If you see a mini version of your site on the phone display, it is NOT MOBILE-FRIENDLY. Here are a few examples of well-designed sites and those that show perfectly on a smartphone.

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If you are in business today and are not paying attention to these important new rules to the current marketing norm. Then good luck for the future because you may be losing opportunity right now and not even know it.

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