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Are you the CEO or Chairman of a public company?

If so your web needs are unique and vital to the success of your company and as well as your shareholders. An effective and well-designed web presence will not only enhance sales opportunities and create an effective delivery mechanism for important corporate developments, it will also be a shareholder resource that anyone wise enough to invest in your company can look for and find ALL OF THE IMPORTANT INFORMATION INCLUDING:

Utah Website Design and it’s public service group are well prepared to provide our public clients with VIP class attention understanding that all site elements are critical to a successful outcome for the company and shareholders alike.

Experience is critical

Any web development team can create a new look for a standard website. Only a professional development team should be used to create all of the necessary shareholder interfaces in a professional and well laid out design. An effective design and architecture can drive increased sales, keep shareholders owning your stock and likewise encourage new shareholders to give you a look and keep your ticker up on their monitors.

Content and ongoing updates

Wiworks was once also a public company and was taken private in 2001. Understanding the needs of our clients sets us apart from most other design teams. We understand that our public clients have SEC Attorneys, Auditors, and accountants who all take an active role in the success of the company. Our collaborative development approach involves all of the necessary staff and consultants to effectively present the client’s message and remain in compliance with all SEC rules and regulations.

Our teams are prepared to work directly with your communications staff to release time sensitive releases and corporate developments in a coordinated way across all of your communication platforms, this process ensure a fair and equitable distribution in compliance with all of the necessary rules and SEC regulations. A very select group of  Utah Website design staffers are also aware of the content being released and treat the confidentiality issues with great respect and care.

Load time of your site matters

In an age of instant everything, the last thing a new prospect or shareholder wants to do is wait for your site to load on their desktop, tablet or smart phone. We maintain a large network of servers created exclusively for our current clients. We have level-4 techs managing this network of servers 24/7 so we are able to respond to any event that requires attention, more bandwidth or custom applications. With a 99.5% up-time history your web operations are in good hands. We are also able to manage sites away from our servers as well if you already have proven hosting services in place.

Website updates and edits

With our sites developed using a CMS system our clients are able to easily manage their own sites. Many however would prefer to not have a full-time person hired for this purpose and prefer to pay us a small retainer and continue using our experienced web designers to manage the day to day site operations including:

  • Editing or adding content
  • Creating or adding new forms
  • Adding new pages
  • Adding new images or pictures
  • Changing site colors or look
  • Adding slideshows
  • Creating new image galleries
  • Changing the URL or site navigation
  • Adding or creating new videos
  • Adding blogs or articles
  • Removing content as needed