Link Management

Don’t get Caught in the Link TRAP!!!

Inbound Link Management and monitoring of the neighborhoods your site is being linked to is critical. There was a time when Google made part of its ranking decision on the number of inbound links to a website. The more a website had the better and if it came from a highly trafficked and relevant site it was a big deal. It was also a customary practice to use anchor text in creating the link thus improving its value also. Unfortunately because of abuse and SEO companies creating thousands of bogus links to boost a site’s rank, Google has completely changed the way that its algorithms evaluate a website and then position that site on the relevant search results.

If Your SEO Company is Still Building Generic Links “Buyer Beware”

With the incredible changes that have taken place on various social media platforms. Now a link is only of value if it is a blogger re-posting an article from your site, a FB fan liking an article, product or blog and then sharing it with their network, someone tweeting your content or providing a review or a connection on Google + pushing your content through relevant communities. As you can see the entire search landscape has changed as the optimum engagement is now an interaction with a user, not just a passive link.

Content is again the king of the search jungle, it then becomes the absolute responsibility of every site owner to be creating compelling, interesting, informative, creative, thought provoking or just plain good reading for the millions of hungry content hungry media outlets, industry blogs or association sites always looking for new and fresh information to share with their readers.

We will perform a complete analysis of your sites link profile and then make recommendations on what strategy to best deploy. In some cases too many garbage links are the problem and have wiped out a companies top placement on Google. In this situation, the only way to fix the problem would be to remove all of the offensive links or disavow those that are part of the problem. Once this is done and a site is more inline with Google’s link recommendation and then re-submit a site for re-consideration from Google and others.