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Responsive Utah Web Design – For the past 21-years Utah Website Design has been doing just that, creating world class websites for our clients. These clients are still with us today because we have grown right along with them, created significant online operations for them ,and more importantly: there is a high degree of trust between us. They know they can call and get a project manager or the CEO on the phone quickly. No voice mail run a round: you are important to us and we want you to be our client for life.

We are a Utah Website Design company that prides itself on its total professionalism and outstanding work ethic; and our clients reap the benefits. A website is not like at ATM machine: once online it does not begin spitting out cash. It needs help! Our clients often come to us after a short time with their home-made sites when it becomes very obvious that they underestimated what it takes to be successful on the internet.

A successful web operation has the following characteristics:

Responsive Web Design & Development

Responsive Utah Web design is now a requirement of every professional website and certainly expected of every professional web development team. The basic concept is that the website should respond to any user’s behavior or web access platform. With Smart Phones, iPads, Notebooks, Desktops with Large and Small Screens, seen as a Landscape or traditional. Users today indeed want the site to display their way! Responsive Web Development is the only code that will accommodate the user preferences and also deliver your website as you expect it to be seen no matter how the user gets to your URL.

Private Business Class Web Hosting

Nobody likes to wait for anything especially for a slow website to finally show up. Your clients and search engines also look for load times that are rapid. Utah Website Design maintains numerous private servers that host only our own sites and those of our clients. We know what traffic loads are present and coming, any client events that will spike that traffic and the scripts used to develop each site, this structure provides our clients with some of the best performance in the industry. We also able to maintain at least a 99.9% up-time rating and multiple IP address that are conducive to real online services. Discount hosting companies will cram 1000′s of sites on a server and search engines know these are not real or carefully deployed sites: if you go this route your site might be overlooked!

Industry Standards

All of our corporate sites are created using the latest and most secure design procedures and design methods that make each site not only compatible with all web interfaces but also very portable and SEO friendly if necessary. There are coding techniques that actually enhance the ability for a site to be found on Google and Yahoo which we utilize daily in all aspects of design. We build most of our client projects on a CMS (Content Management System) platform so our clients are able to easily make changes to their site presentation and content as needed. (We are always available for the client that would prefer not to do it themselves).

Website Presentation & Usability

A well designed and developed web presence includes all of the necessary images and functions to make your user experience a pleasant one. Any freelance designer can come up with a bright idea and look, it takes an experienced development team however to create a web presence that engages your customer or shareholder and provides them with a simple 1 click to an answer layout. A well designed site effectively presents the company’s products or services in a professional way and has numerous CTA’s (Call To Action) opportunities that allow site users to easily contact the company, purchase a product or service, schedule an appointment, or sign up for a newsletter or monthly specials.

Design & Layout

The site layout and navigational structure is easy to follow and very intuitive which making site conversions a natural thing. Sites that rely heavily on flash, cumbersome pop-ups, or that are poorly designed in frames simply turn potential customers off. A pleasing layout that makes all important information available from the main site navigation is important for the user that does not want to browse and would prefer to drill right into the information they are needing.


The content on the site has got to be unique and original to the sponsoring company because if it’s stolen or copied from another website you will run the risk of being penalized by search engines. The latest Google algorithms now look more for “social signals” which naturally weight your site content much more than ever in the past.


The images are impactful and relevant to the overall direction and purpose of the site. Each page of the site needs to tell its own story and be able to be easily crawled and indexed by national search engines. All images need to be managed based on site and load times and then properly tagged so search engines know it is a relevant and appropriate image for that page and its content.


Forms should be easy to use and create an easy interface between the site users and the corporate office. You need to sufficiently qualify a new prospect but not ask for so much information that the customer will feel uncomfortable and exit the site.

Lead Generation

There is a method on the site to capture email addresses from site visitors in a non- intrusive way; this allows the client to become proactive in contacting site visitors because the visitors have requested it. This “permission marketing” process is one of the most successful on the internet because it respects the users’ time and values the trust given.

Search Engine Optimization

The site needs to be designed for search engine placement from the first step including appropriate keywords, site titles; alt tags on images and fast loading capabilities. We have also found that web designs that include code that can be found and viewed by blind or deaf users are higher ranked because of the effort to comply with all accessibility regulations.

Back Links

Popularity is as important online as it was in high school. Back links from many high traffic sites in your industry is like an endorsement from a big brother that gets into places you couldn’t: like at the top of a Google search. The quality of the link and the interaction between your site and theirs is now important. A quality piece of content from your site or a blog that is shared, liked, tweeted, re-posted, mentioned, highlighted, etc. is now the goal for each site verses 1000’s of poor backlinks that can now get a site booted off of Google.

Site Management

Site management needs to start with statistical reporting tracking the movement of each visitor so you are then able to manage the outcome of the site and not just hope someone buys something. Keeping an eye on actual traffic patterns on your site and real stats always beats the “I think if we do this it may work” strategy.


Finally, if you think your site can be built, left alone and unattended and still create real cash flow without your ever having to look at it again, then you are sadly mistaken and in for a surprise of the worst kind.

Welcome to the wonderful world of web design!

Here at Utah Web Design, we are experts in making sure our clients understand:

  • what needs to be done
  • why it needs to be done
  • and how we will be accountable to make sure it’s done right

For a great web design experience give the professionals at Utah Web Design a call to get your project started or repaired the right way!

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