Social Media

Do you have a strategy?

Senior marketing executives in several countries agree that the use of social media for corporate, brand and product marketing is not a passing fad, according to research sponsored by TNS media intelligence/Cymfony

You have spent years protecting and building your corporate image and brand recognition. Unfortunately, any company brand can be destroyed in hours through the power of message boards, blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, and a dozen other real-time feeds. Conversely, using these consumer-generated content sites, your brand can be built up or revived quickly through the same process.

Your customers have considerable power on the internet to affect public perception of your company. Understanding this power is key to managing your brand online. Whether these conversations about your company are good or bad, it is critical that you monitor them to know the tone of the dialogue. Otherwise, you may find yourself on the problem end of a reputation management problem.

Social Media Marketing for B-to-B

Are you a B-to-B company struggling with whether to start a social media marketing campaign for your businesses?

To choose whether social media is right for you, what are your goals? Social media is not about technology, nor is it about keeping up with the latest trend. It is about going where your clients are to build relationships with them.

The primary goal of a B-to-B company getting successfully involved in social media is always communication, not technology or viral marketing.

We help you use social media to focus on the communication needs of your company.

One of the most challenging aspects of the 2.0 internet is the loss of control your business faces as a result of consumers’ active engagement with your brand.

You need to understand the impact of consumer behavior on your brand and leverage the power of social networks to build and strengthen your online brand reputation.

Corporate Social Marketing Solutions:

  • Get a customized report of everything related to your company online
  • Information related to your competition
  • Actionable suggestions to rectify negative consumer-generated content