1960-2005 – These may be considered the “Old Days” when we would open the front door and get all excited to see a brand new yellow page Book on the doorstep. Within its pages were all of the services, discounts, offerings and the latest community information and calendar of upcoming activities. It was placed prominently on the kitchen counter or right by the home phone to use as a reference for anything needed.

2005 – 2014 – The days of a single source to get into a home and influence a buying decision is gone. The homeowner, his or her family and even the children all now have access to 100’s of media sources, games, advertising and marketing messages coming to them on Smart Phones, Desktops, Laptops, iPads, Gaming Consoles, Glasses, and hundreds of other electronic channels that are readily accessible day or night.

3 little devices now connect each of us to millions of opportunities!

Why Digital Display-

  • Increase Site Traffic – A display ad on a nationally recognized website will drive targeted traffic both directly and indirectly to their website, social networks or directly to the companies switchboard.
  • Brand Awareness – Display ads help to increase brand awareness by getting your logo and branded images in front of viewers while they are surfing the web.
  • Increase Offline Sales – When visiting a store either online or a brick and mortar, consumers will often search out products or manufactures that are familiar to them
  • Increase Brand Recognition – When people see an ad showcasing a brand, logo or marketing message on sites they visit and trust, they are much more likely to remember and recognize the brand even if they have never clicked on an ad themselves.
  • Enhance Mobile Visibility – leads generated from click-to-call campaigns are 12-15 times more likely to convert than leads generated from website forms.

Samples of various sized ads both static and animated