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It’s official: More people access the Internet via mobile devices than PCs. If you haven’t already made mobile-friendliness a top priority for your online presence, you’re already missing out on all kinds of opportunities. While it’s true that desktop versions of websites can be accessed via mobile, they are headaches to read, navigate and use. Businesses that only have desktop websites have high bounce rates — and they’re getting higher all the time — because mobile users are unwilling to deal with slow load times, mangled images, and other issues. Who can blame them? For optimal online visibility, your sites need to be mobile-friendly, and a responsive web design is an ideal solution.

Responsive Web Design: Google Tested, Google Approved

Not that long ago, the only way to reach mobile users and desktop users alike was by maintaining separate versions of your site. Thankfully, things have changed. After all, having two versions of the same site is a logistical nightmare. It means double the upkeep, double the expense, and double the hassle. With responsive web design or RWD, a single set of code is used to produce a site that renders beautifully and effectively across all devices. Most importantly, Google officially recommends RWD and gives preference to sites that use it.

The Benefits of Responsive Web Design

We’ve been offering Utah responsive website design services for some time. Our clients are tickled by what a difference it makes. While this type of design tends to cost more than “traditional” web design, it saves you tons of money over the long haul. Instead of having to update two sites, you only have to update one. Whether the site is accessed via a desktop PC, a tablet, a smartphone, or another device, all of its elements adjust to ensure optimal usability.

The benefits of RWD extend far beyond that, though. Consider these advantages:

  • Flexibility – Whether your site is accessed by a mobile device or a laptop or desktop computer, its flexible design ensures that all elements, including images and text, are rendered in a way that is easy to navigate and visually appealing.
  • Cost-Effectiveness – Why pay someone to create and update two versions of one site? With RWD, you kill two birds with one cost-effective stone.
  • Lower Bounce Rates – Mobile users are likelier to stay on your site when it’s mobile-friendly, so your bounce rate should improve considerably.
  • Google Approved – Responsive websites have one set of HTML and one set of URLs, which makes Google’s job easier. This also delivers a far better user experience in general, which scores additional points in Google’s book. It’s easier for visitors to a responsive site to share content and to interact with it too, so everyone is happy.

Don’t become a Google casualty. The sooner you switch to RWD, the more successful your online ventures will be. Our Utah responsive website design services are affordable, effective, and first-rate, and we’ll have you squared away in no time. Get started today!

There’s no way to put this nicely, so we’ll just come out and say it: If your site doesn’t appear on the first page of the search engine results for your targeted keywords, it might as well be invisible. Likewise, without effective PPC management, you’re not going to reach the audience you deserve. Our SEO and PPC experts can help you get where you need to be in both areas. We’re ready when you are, so get in touch today.